Avicularia sp.RIBERALTA/Bolivien (brought 2003 by Peter Klaas from Bolivia)

Avicularia sp. 'whitehair purpurea'

Avicularia sp. PERU(tradename: 'Lilas,'Peru purple' PERU I)- probably species described as A.azuraklaasi

Avicularia sp. Iquitos/Peru (tradename 'Iquitos amazonica', Avicularia sp.II

Avicularia diversipes

Avicularia sp. BOA VISTA/Brasilien (first time imported by NL importer 2007 from Nord Brasil)

Avicularia geroldi

Avicularia bicegoi

Avicularia purpurea

Avicularia sp. MANAUS/Brasil (tradename 'amazonica Manaus')

Avicularia metallica (Nord Brasil, French Guyana)

Avicularia sp. KWITARA RIVER, South Guyana

Avicularia versicolor

Avicularia aurantiaca

Avicularia braunshauseni

Avicularia sp. RIO MADRE/Bolivia

Avicularia sp. Gerogetown/Guyana (Avicuaria avicularia??)

Avicularia sp. Nord Brasil - pic will be posted later

Avicularia laeta - pic will be posted later

Avicularia minatrix - pic will be posted later

Avicularia sp. Brasil2 - pic will be posted later


We are spezialised in bredd on arboricol tarantulas. We have still 18-20 divers species/populations in breed. For unsure determinated species, we use the origin name (city, provinz etc.) and NOT the tradenames (like for example „green metallica“ or so...) ALL specimens we have in breed, came from surly known origins, NOT from 2nd or 3rd hand breeded parents.. we have offspring in 2nd-4th generations

Avicularia sp geroldi Avicularia bicegoi Avicularia purpurea

Selenobrachys C.sanderi Pt.chordatus Pt. murinus KENIA C.brachycephalus ** ** C.meridionalis ** C.marshalli ** Pt.lugardi H.lightfooti A.spec. MOZAMBIK T.gigas Avicularia diversipes Avicularia braunshauseni ** Av. PURPLE Av.metallica ** Haplopelma albostriatum Aphonopelma bicoloratum PAAR A.aurantiaca